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Morning all; Well about me, I am a child of the '50s born in the early part of that decade now just coming up the steps to knock on the front door of 60. I have seen quite a bit of wonderful things in my life and a few not so wonderful. How did I come to be in "SL" ? I was watching a video about how GOOGLE has put up a $3 million prize into the xprize pot for the frist privte group to land a rover on the moon. Now I remember the day the the Russian's put "SPUKNIT" into space. I follow whats happening in space often. Then I found a page from the "NASA" talking about their sim here in "SL", and what they have planned just blew me away, had to see it. Once here I became totaly ingrossed in the happens here. I have been a merchant seaman most of my life, when not working driving trucks,or constuction. Even managed a bar-restaurant-motel down in the Louisianna bayous for a freind of mine for a while. In 2003 due to the type of work I was in and the lifestyle it develops I became deathly ill, on top of the other bumps and bangs that has happened over the years. I am now unable to do the heavy physical work I have always done. So I bought a computer with the hopes that some day I would be able to use it to make at least a little bit of money an get off this Disablity. I have 3 college semesters behind me covering the different aspects of computer's from the hardware and applications to graphic design. My last semester was about learning web publishing. Now on to what I have planned for this blog; I do so enjoy wandering around "SL" and seeing what there is to see, the ole bear went over the mountain story. I just pick a place and go. I will be writting about my nocturnal wanderings, I wander at night because I am so busy trying to learn thr building part in the day. Well thats about it for now I hope you come by from time to time to share a cup of coffee with me. Take care, have fun, and be safe: Jims Firehawk

Morning All

 Well here I am again, coffee in  one hand and pop tart in the other trying to figure out how to type. I am just a bit worried as to how things are going in our great little group. With some of the talk that I hear on the info channel, the lack of people at the newbie get togethers and the continual change of command at the top.  That worry my friends is the simple thought of:

“Then There Were None”

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Afternoon All

No coffee, however do have a glass of tea. I know that I have neglected you for awhile, I will not offer any excuses, just say I am sorry.

OK, now that that’s out of the way. With Halloween fast approaching I did a quick and I mean quick search of the internet for info on this fun holiday.

So kick back, pour yourself something to drink, hey it’s afternoon and enjoy.

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Morning All

  Well another late night for me working on a project for “Show and Tell”. Waking up the first thought running through my mind was how to make it better, so  quickly I made my coffe  did my morning routine set down at my computer with just that in mind.

  Wait a minute not even dress yet, then the thought hit me.

          “Is Second Life Addicting”

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Morning coffee with Jims Firehawk


  Morning all;

   Just a quick note on what I have planed for this BLOG, and to see how things work here. For those that have not read my profile, I do so enjoy wandering through “SL” and what I am going to try to do here is let you know where I have been and what I have found there.

   I may from time to time toss in just my randum thoughts on life (both “SL” and “RL”) they do go hand in hand.  I do not plan on this being very formal all in all I am still just “an ole country boy” @ heart and will slip into my country fawnits when spelling things. I was always taught spell it the way it sounds:)

Hope to see ya’ll  soon.  Take care and be safe;

Jims Firehawk