Morning All

With coffee in hand I sat down to guild you on yet another journey through this sticky, gooey grey matter I call a brain. This essay is entiled “Everything is Impossible” . So pour yourself a cup of your best coffee and enjoy.

   It is my opinion that the most dangerous thing on this planet is a closed mind, one that just refuses to see the possible outcome of an idea other than what they have been comfortable with. If not for our opened minded ancestors we would not have the advantages that some of us enjoy today.

However, there are so many more of us on this planet that have no idea of what it is to live with anything close to “Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” than enjoy the advantages brought on by the great minds in our history. So many on this planet not only, do not know where their next meal is coming from. They do not even know if they will be alive to enjoy it.

   Is this our legacy? From a species that has created so many great and beautiful things over the ages? To fight untill the end of time over who is right and who is wrong, all the while denying our brother’s and sister’s the basic needs of survival, allowing them to die at our feet?

   If so, do we really deserve to have the opportunity to spread our belief’s to the stars and beyond?

Is there no chance to break the connection with that animal part of our ancient ancestors from so long ago? That part buried deep in our DNA, although still very much a part of us,the part that some refuse to admit is there.

   Basic needs

   You can read more about Mr. Maslow in any basic psychology text.
However let’s look at his hierarchy of needs.

   The very basic are the physical needs that all living things share==air, water, food, and sleep

   Next up comes the need for safety==security, stability, self perseveration
once again something that all living things share.

   Then we come to the psychological or social needs==belonging, love, acceptance.

   This is where some people say,we differ from other life forms.

    However all you have to do is look into the eyes of your pet to know they are wrong.

   Nearing the top we find esteem==to feel achievement, status, responsibility, and reputation.
Once again you can find this behavior in any species that live within a social setting.

   Finally at the top of the list is the self-actualizing needs==the need to fulfill oneself, to become all that it can become.

   This is where humanity, in my opinion, differs from the rest of the species on this planet, always reaching for the unknown. Trying to find the answer for the unanswerable questions, always striving for the impossible,The world is flat, Man can not fly,

   A man walking on the moon; ya right!

Every thing is impossible, until someone else does it.

And here in SL , “Can’t just don’t live here”.
Take Care, Have Fun, and Be Safe. Jims Firehawk