Our Fundamental Principles

Overall Mission

NCI is a voluntary association, dedicated to providing information, education and assistance to Second Life users (new and old), in order to maximize the benefits that they can gain from Second Life. NCI believes that new users who are better educated, supported and prepared benefit all of Second Life. NCI does not operate for profit and is not motivated by any desire for monetary gain.


NCI recognizes that Second Life users are individual human beings, worthy of care, civility, respect and courtesy, with their own lives, their own circumstances and their own problems and situations, which may not be fully apparent.


NCI neither makes nor encourages discrimination as to age, gender, nationality, race, culture, hobbies, religious beliefs, sexual-orientation, ability, disability, class, creed or political opinions of a person, or of a person’s family, friends or associates. NCI holds each person responsible for themselves and their own actions only.


NCI does not take part or take sides in protests or in controversies of a political, racial, religious or ideological nature. NCI provides aid and education, not protest, mockery, censure or condemnation.


NCI is a voluntary association, not prompted in any manner by the desire for gain.

Safety and Security

NCI works to educate and inform and to protect new Second Life users from exploitation, disruption and confusion. NCI enforces its rules impartially, promptly, and with the maximum possible courtesy under the circumstances. NCI avoids acting arbitrarily, but recognizes that the world is a complex place, and not every situation can be foreseen.

Everyone Helping Newbies