About NCI

NCI is a user-support group in the Second Life® virtual environment, with more than 75 volunteer staff and over 7,000 active members.

Brace Coral founded NCI in 2005, primarily for new residents, but open to all. NCI offers in-person advice from our team of NCI Helpers and NCI Land Officers classes, contests and social events, interactive tutorials, freebies, help notecards and landmarks, sandboxes for building, a new users mall, Ginny Gremlin park, games, and newsstands with free in-world publications and links to Web resources.

NCI offers a schedule of classes and events at our campuses. Please click here for the NCI schedule of classes and events.

NCI runs multiple Second Life campuses: NCI Kuula (the original and largest NCI location), NCI South (at Hamnida, directly adjacent to the South Welcome Area) and NCI Beach (by the sea in the Class 5 Fishermans Cove sim). NCI also manages numerous NCI InfoNodes, located near or adjacent to Linden InfoHubs (or other areas popular with new residents). InfoNodes serve as “mini-NCIs” with information, freebies, landmarks, maps, and schedules, providing information to new users where they first rez, when they first rez.

NCI classes, events, and resources are free and open to all.

NCI is entirely user-run and financed and is unaffiliated with Linden Lab. Land and tier for NCI’s four campuses has been purchased by NCI or donated by NCI members and supporters. NCI is not-for-profit and is funded via through individual donations, sponsored advertising, and by RL and in-world partners that we conduct NCI branded classes and events for.

Everyone Helping Newbies