Morning all

Do you have your morning coffee in hand?  You know that I do, can’t live without my caffeine. Today I am going to talk about reasons to blog.

    In all the cultures on this planet there is a multitude of Tall Tales, Folk Lore, Nursery Rhymes, Fairy Tales and Legends that have been passed down from one generation to another.

These have become as much of who we are as the clothes we wear and the foods we eat. However, with the passing of time there has also been a passing of peoples from our collective memories.

The Mayans, The Mycenaean, The Incas, and The Assyrians just to name a few. Some have left only puzzling messages of their life’s, like the The Ancient Egyptians and others only myths of their extraordinary existence as with those of the mythical continent of “Atlantis”. Or was it a myth?

   A reason for this blog today is to honor “Ishi”, the last survivor of the Yahi Indians of Northern California.

 Although his true name and bloodline will never be fully known, the facts remain, he was the last of a people that walked this planet in harmony with all its glory.

You can read part of his story if you search for a new release from the Public affairs office at UC Berkeley, dated 2/5/96.

The stories that were lost with them, never to be heard again. The secrets they must have taken to the after life with them.

How many great minds have we lost?

   So you see it really does not matter you you are, you have a story to tell.

 One that someone, somewhere wants to hear.

You have an opinion on the ways of the world, you really love SL, there is something deep down in your soul that is just bubbling and wants to come out.

   They say ” That the pen is mighter than the sword, well with that in mind the device in front of you is even mighter the legionary “Excailbur”.

   Blog on.

   Take Care, Have Fun and Be Safe.

   Jims Firehawk