Morning All

  Well another late night for me working on a project for “Show and Tell”. Waking up the first thought running through my mind was how to make it better, so  quickly I made my coffe  did my morning routine set down at my computer with just that in mind.

  Wait a minute not even dress yet, then the thought hit me.

          “Is Second Life Addicting”


 When you start to log on and you see that kool page up in the right hand corner there is  info about “SL” so many million + in the last 60 days and so thousand online right now.

 Well we are all part of that million + and if you are like me you are here every day, some time many times a day so that is a little miss leading.

 However,  back to my point, if some of us would put as much effort in to finding work in the real world as we do in “Second Life”, will enough said about that.

  Just what is it, that draws us into “SL” and keeps us here?

   All my friends live in my computer:)

Well need more coffee and need to finish this project.

Take Care, Have Fun, and Be Safe,

Jims Firehawk