morning all


  It has been quite some time since we last shared a cup of coffee. However,  it will be even a longer time till we can share the next one. I have been busy getting things ready to move.

 That is in the real life mode that I am talking about, from the Seattle WA. area to Albuquerque NM.. This is something that has been in the works for quite some time and has been pulling at my spirit for an  even longer time.

I am at the point that this machine has come up on the list of things to be packed. However could not do that without saying farewell here first.

This is not goodbye, for I do plan on coming back, just don’t know when. We all know how real life works. A new area, a new place, a new year, a new life, I guess. It all depends on what the Como’s and the faith’s have in store for me. Destination or destiny , either journey begins and I face it with open eyes and arms.

So keep the coffee hot, and your second life real.

Take Care, Have Fun and Be Safe,

Jims Firehawk