Morning All

Well here it is Friday morning  again and there is a great list of classes and event’s lined up as always from now through the weekend.

Choice’s, choice’s, choice’s  that is what this essay is all about. It is entiled:

            “However, on the Other Hand”


   It is generally accepted by most scientist that the age of the planet on which we live is somewhere around four point five billion years old.

   Knowing how people can make mistakes I would toss in a couple of extra million years either way just to cover the + or – thing.

   Of this it is believed that humanity has been walking around for only about three point five million years of that time.

   Once again I would toss in a couple of thousand years either way for the + or – thing just because I am not a scientist.

   Although there are a number of theories of just how, where, when, and why humanity came to be;

   I will not try to answer any of those question here; that’s not what I am about.

   Regardless, of which point view you base your opinion of humanity on, it all started with just a few of us.

   Then over time this unique species of ours became the major life form on this planet, and expanded into what we are today.
One possible explanation of the expansion of how humanity spread across this planet; which  has been documented though

Archaeology, Anthropology, Rock Art, and Cave Paintings,  traced the movements of our ancient ancestors from Africa through the European continent and beyond.

   Somewhere along our wondrous and magical journey, our groups developed a form of separatism, three point five million years of separatism has lead us to the the troubles we face on this planet today. We are at a point in our history like no other before.

   Do we reach out our hands, attempt to come together as a species, focus on the social problems that face us today and walk proudly into a future that will show the quality of the human heart, mind, and soul?

   Or do we continue on this path of separatism and watch as our species, our hopes, and our planet fades away into the dust of the cosmos, to be left as no more than just a myth of a species that may or may not have once existed?

      However, on the other hand; do you even care?

Unlike real life, where I have never met anyone who really asked to be there, being here in Second life is our choice and as that with all the wonderful tools at our disposal we should be able to come together for the good of all humanity if we work at it.

  Take Care, Have Fun and  Be Safe;

 Jims Firehawk