Note for the helpful or helpless

Note for the helpful or helpless:  When a new citizen is asking questions about the basics of SL it is usually because they need help.  The problem being that there are many of us out there who continue to rant, rave, banter or blather regardless of the fact that we are probably confusing the heck out of the newcomer.  You will notice that I am including myself in this, because I have a tendency to make smart alecy comments in a business as usual fashion.  But those of us who are there to help really ought to consider that newbies are often overwhelmed, I know I was.  They are trying to learn a lot of new stuff all at once and it only makes it more difficult when we are chatting endlessly about our latest and greatest upgrade to our computer or whatever.  So I say maybe we should zip it…at least long enough for them to learn how to sit and join in 🙂


One thought on “Note for the helpful or helpless”

  1. Yes, I to am guilty of this. I do tend to let my wit get the best of me at times and will try to keep in in check in the furture.

    Take Care, Have Fun, and Be Safe
    Jims Firehawk

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