Morning All

Thursday, November 19, 2009. Ok so what is so special about today’s date?

The date in itself is not whats important, it is the fact that it is the third Thursday of November.

Still saying what the heck Jims, OK . It is the:

“Great American Smoke out”

In 1977 the American Cancer Society picked the 3rd Thursday in November to be the day when we all try to give up smoking for just one day. Myself, after smoking for almost 40 years quite on Aug. 4, 2008 .

There is no magic pill, or simple way to do it as any long term smoker will tell you” they have tried many times”.

The secret is you are not going to quit till you are ready to and that is the plain truth of the matter up front and honest.

Slowly I manged to get down to just 10 smokes a day then I was looking at the really hard stuff, getting rid of one at a time, but which one to start with was the question.

Answer, the hardest one, that one that I just had to have everyday, the first one in the morning with my morning coffee.

The idea was not to smoke till I had finished my first cup of coffee. Well I found myself gulping down that first cup of morning coffee instead enjoying it just so I could get to the smoke.


Next idea was not to smoke till I had finished my morning coffee all together. Well now this was a bit harder but after awhile the coffee began to taste better and I was enjoying it more. My morning coffee’s sometimes last till afternoon so all of a sudden I was down to less then 5 smokes a day.

One by one they were taken out of my daily routine.

So find some time today to set down with that smoker that you know, have a cup of coffee with them, talk about the subject you never know whose life my may chance.

If you are a smoker don’t give up when you are truly ready you will quit.

Take Care, Have Fun and Be Safe

Jims Firehawk