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Blitz Building Event

Saturday’s Blitz was great fun this week with the theme – My Favourite Childhood Toy

PJ ( Pajobra ), hosting for the first time, was quoted saying ” all the builders brought back fantastic childhood memories ” 🙂



Here’s our winner Leah Shim with her entry.

Friday Night Beach Party – Best of the 60’s

NCI’s weekly beach party was a hit, over 20 avatars dancing to the music of the 60’s this week.

60's beach theme_013_008

A big thanks to PJ for being our fabulous DJ.

60's beach theme_003

60's beach theme_002

And thanks to Krystal for Hosting the ever popular Toob race.

60's beach theme_013

60's beach theme_014

60's beach theme_015

60's beach theme_017

Our winners 1st Laeluna, 2nd Brainfart & 3rd Elaynus.

60's beach theme_019

Bev our wonderful Host.

60's beach theme_018

Not sure what Ginger and Andre got into but there must be something shiney to look at up there…

60's beach theme_025

* Damn Hippies….

60's beach theme_004

Psychodelic rainbow serpents ( our Hatchie friends )

60's beach theme_007

Bev & Wyn showing us how it’s done.

60's beach theme_011

60's beach theme_012

Is that Ringo? (Technus )

60's beach theme_013_001

Dennis the Menace behaving himself  ( Mouse )

60's beach theme_013_005

60's beach theme_013_007

A great time had by all, make sure you check for next week’s theme and come join in the fun.


–Ginger Lorakeet

Games Night

NCI has launched a new event this week called Games Night or Games time. This will be a social event where members are invited to gather at NCI South and try out some of the games available there. We have Frootcake, Can’t Stop, Skeeball, Zilch, U-Know and others.

Games Night scheduled at 12pm and 6pm on Mondays


Thanks to Jaco Schaffner, Talun, Guana Victor Daredso, Pyewacket Bellman, Mouse and Alaska Udimo who joined us for the first event.


The Second Life 9th birthday party is well under way and has another week or so to go. Our own area can be found at but be sure to spend some time having a good look round all the exhibits.

Many of the parcels are listed in the destination guide at

Cara Cali has created a picassa directory with pictures of many if not all the exhibits.


This week saw the opening of the annual event to celebrate the anniversary of SL opening. After some initial exploring here are some links to areas I enjoyed. More will be added as they’re found – Virtual Popcorn by Pyewacket Bellman

SL8B megahunt –

rainbow bubble ride, Peter Pan and man in the moon

Phoenix Wave –

Cake Walk –

Houdini –


Bay city –

Pod tours –

From a single prim.. Cool growing statue –

Bubble tree – Portals to unlimited Imagination

Cult of the flying pig temple – Lollygagger Lane

Beyond Time (Gramma and Kaine) – http://maps.seco

fun storybook and scary ogre video –


egg timer sculpture – Junk Sands of Creation –

looking for a lost illusion –

Big Ben-

Sword in the stone –

Transgender lounge-

Seven levels of interactive fun. keep going up !! – Emphatic Eccentricia –

Wiches and Wizardry –

Giant snail racing –

Giant brain –

The Owl and the Pussycat – * very nice build –

soaring with magic – – 1920s Berlin – Through The Looking Glass Stained Glass done right – Magimorphosis (By the creators of Grendel’s) – Sky Sculptures Gallery- fun poses – Sandcastle Studios -  Reach for the stars – Phoenix Firestorm – Illusionation – Cats – Invisible

NCI Event – Oldbie Show & Tell May 16, 2010

Hello all:

Here are the results for the Show & Tell for May 16th, 2010 – Hosted by Krystal Devonshire

  • 6Runners Up – Winning 50L each
  • Voidheart Mistwalker
  • SunCrow Petrolhead
  • Soen Eber
  • Ritrat8 Foxclaw
  • lesly Wirefly
  • Felix Veriander
  • 3rd Place – Raven Mandelbrot – 250L
  • 2nd Place – Velcon Ethaniel – 350L
  • 1st Place – Jason Arun &  Winry Carver – 450L

Congratulations to all for great builds!!

Thank you to Krystal for hosting!!

NCI Class Stats – Feb 01 to Feb 07

Hello all.  Here I am again from the Education Dept. with the stats for the week of February 1st.

  • There were 42 classes held this week
  • A total of 434 students in attendance
  • The most popular class this week with 19 students was SL Skills – Starting an SL BUSINESS – Devon Chaffe, Beach Classroom.

Thats it for this week, see you next time.


NCI Class Stats – Jan 25 to Jan 31

Hello all.  From the desk of the Education Dept., here I am with the stats for the week of January 25th.

  • There were 42 classes held this week
  • A total of 412 students were in attendace
  • The most popular class this week was a tie with 19 students each.  They were:
  • Textures – ANIMATED TEXTURES – Protomas Ludwig, Beach Classroom
  • Textures – WATER EFFECTS – Protomas Ludwig, Beach Classroom

Thats it for this week, see you next time.