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Oh the things that you can see at SL12B!

One of the many things you can do in Second Life at the moment is go exploring at SL12B, Second Life’s 12th Birthday Event. Here are a few things I found while wandering around.

SL12b 1
All aboard the train of death…. look for the floating souls along the platform . ( that’s my interpretation of the build)
I really don’t want to catch this train yet…
What’s the chance of seeing a giraffe at a dance. 😀

Toady’s display on the destination guide.

Click to go to Toady’s Display

I found the crystal cave on Toady’s build. Can you?
Random shot in a graveyard.
The Pink Panther strikes again in 8bit.
Marco’s build, go see it before SL12B closes.

Marco’s display on the destination guide.

Click to visit Marco’s display.

Nor’s Garden, a lovely tranquil place.

Nor’s display on the destination guide.

Click to go see Nor’s display.

Everyone from NCI needs to go see this. Make sure you see the crazy film made by Team Baa.

Baa the final frontier on the destination guide.

Click to go see team Baa’s display.

Ride the dragon or swim with the dolphin in Wyn & Vee’s Gianfar Peaks of Pern.

Wyn & Vee’s display on the destination guide

Click to go see Gianfar Peaks of Pern.

Climb to the top of the stones to take a rest in Ginger’s display.

Ginger’s display on the destination guide.

Click to go see Ginger’s display.

NCI’s What New Citizens Dreams May Come. Take a close look, everything is an oil painting.

NCI’s display on the destination guide.

Click to go see NCI’s display.

slb 3
Books, I like books. 🙂



Exclusive Art Auction


NCI has been given an Interactive Art piece by Ginger Lorakeet to be auctioned off during their 10th Birthday event.

The piece is called  ~Cyber Rain~ and depicts a futuristic scene filled with raining code (think Matrix)  Cyber Rain has been scripted with an animation that makes the immersed avatar look as though they are basking in the code.

This Interactive art piece will never be sold to anyone else so the winner of the auction will be the one & only owner. Though keep in mind the artist reserves the right to still show it at any art event.


NCI’s Halloween Party – Euro Time

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend NCI’s early Halloween Event. I think this year we had the most people I have seen at the earlier party, thank you to all those who came along and made it lots of fun.

A big thank you to Wellington Beam for hosting and running the ever popular Toob Race, also big thanks to Imnotgoing Sideways & PJ Devonshire for being most excellent DJ’s, and Pawlina for hosting Prim Charades. ( adding a humongous thanks to Krystal Devonshire for organizing  us rowdy lot and making the whole thing happen )

I was the photographer for the costume contest and it was amazing to see all the imaginative costumes people had arrived in.  We had 3 male & 3 female winners in the costume contest ( check them out below ).

Female Winners

Pyewacket Bellmanrosalyn macarthurLaeluna Galuptra

Male Winners

Skip Jatho

Bardiel Nubalo



Newbie Show & Tell

A great crowd gathered yet again to see what amazing things our newest residents have been making.

Snapshot _ NCI South Ground Classroom- Help_Classes_Freebies, H

Today Hikaru Neko (nerdynekoninja) showed us her fantastic rainbow coloured tail & bracelettes. The best thing was when she flies rainbow coloured wings appear.

If you’re 90 days or younger and want to join in on the fun and have a chance to win L$ come play next Tuesday at 1pm –

Introducing the NCI inworld store


Now you can help support a great place to learn by purchasing items in our inworld store!

We have 3 sections to buy from.

Items made and donated by supporters of NCI, these items are also available in our Marketplace store. –

Exclusive gacha items - made and donated by our supporters, these only cost $25L and you can pass them onto friends to share.

Pre-loved items – these are high quality gacha items that have been generously donated. Come check ours out if you’re on the hunt for that one you missed during a gacha event.

So come on over to our inworld store and check it out, you’ll never know what you’ll find.

Newbie Show & Tell

If you weren’t there today you missed out on a fun event.Show & Tell_006

We had 2 people come and show us what they have done in SL infront of our super audience of over 20 people.

Our Newbie contestants were loved by all, so much that the voting proved to be a tie, they each won $700L.

Ulfe Resident                     Ms Nor

So if you are 90 days old or younger and would like to compete make sure you check the schedule board for next Tuesday at 1pm.