This week saw the opening of the annual event to celebrate the anniversary of SL opening. After some initial exploring here are some links to areas I enjoyed. More will be added as they’re found – Virtual Popcorn by Pyewacket Bellman

SL8B megahunt –

rainbow bubble ride, Peter Pan and man in the moon

Phoenix Wave –

Cake Walk –

Houdini –


Bay city –

Pod tours –

From a single prim.. Cool growing statue –

Bubble tree – Portals to unlimited Imagination

Cult of the flying pig temple – Lollygagger Lane

Beyond Time (Gramma and Kaine) – http://maps.seco

fun storybook and scary ogre video –


egg timer sculpture – Junk Sands of Creation –

looking for a lost illusion –

Big Ben-

Sword in the stone –

Transgender lounge-

Seven levels of interactive fun. keep going up !! – Emphatic Eccentricia –

Wiches and Wizardry –

Giant snail racing –

Giant brain –

The Owl and the Pussycat – * very nice build –

soaring with magic – – 1920s Berlin – Through The Looking Glass Stained Glass done right – Magimorphosis (By the creators of Grendel’s) – Sky Sculptures Gallery- fun poses – Sandcastle Studios -  Reach for the stars – Phoenix Firestorm – Illusionation – Cats – Invisible

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  1. Hi! I’m glad you liked Cake Walk. It seemed quite out of keeping with the surrounding builds so I was a bit worried that people wouldn’t enjoy it. Glad to see I was wrong. 🙂

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