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Remembering Kreechur



Last week we lost one of long term staff members, Kreechur.
Kree was involved with NCI for many years performing multiple roles. Whether it was a creating and maintaining the systems we use around our areas, helping in group chat and Kuula or assisting staff with various projects they were working on, Kree was often there to lend a hand to both new residents and staff. He’ll be greatly missed by many here as a friend and supporter of NCI.
Friends and colleagues gathered at the weekend to share memories and celebrate his life. A permanent memorial will be placed in the park in Kuula but if you wish to visit the area set up in NCIsland we’ll keep it out for a few weeks.


Friends gather to remember Kree
Friends gather to remember Kree

NCI Show and Tell

Congratulations to the winner of this week’s NCI Newbie Show and Tell event, TesterSpec who built this great rowing boat. Not only did he Show, he also Told.

TesterSpec's rowing boat
TesterSpec’s rowing boat

Also congratulations to Sonoshe who showed us her spinning disc.

Sonoshe's disc
Sonoshe’s disc


Great work guys!

Show and Tell is held every Monday, 1pm SLT at NCI South. It’s a great opportunity for new residents to show off their creations and win L$ prizes.

Games Time at South

We had our best turn out yet for Games Time today with new games available trying out  a new word game and Polyominoes

Congrats to Talun and Mouse on their wins in scrabble and polyominoes today and thanks to all who joined us.

Games Time is every Monday at 12pm and 6pm at NCI South

games time 14042014
games time 14042014

Games Night

NCI has launched a new event this week called Games Night or Games time. This will be a social event where members are invited to gather at NCI South and try out some of the games available there. We have Frootcake, Can’t Stop, Skeeball, Zilch, U-Know and others.

Games Night scheduled at 12pm and 6pm on Mondays


Thanks to Jaco Schaffner, Talun, Guana Victor Daredso, Pyewacket Bellman, Mouse and Alaska Udimo who joined us for the first event.

NCI SL10B cool places

NCI will be attending the Second Life 10th Birthday celebrations this year. Our location for the event is here:’ll list cool places as we find them by updating this blog post

nci sl10b


Pictures from the opening

Snapshot_007 Snapshot_006


First week exploring








The Cornfield


SL10B Auditorium


Lin’s Gallery

lin's art gallery_001


Classy Souvenirs of SL

glassy souvinirs_001


Linden gift vendor

free sl10b gifts_001

 Nitwacket “It Started With a Cube”


Pod Tours

speeding through the builds of time_002



evolution of the prim_001




musical cathedral_001



musical cathedral_002


 Avatar Evolution

evolution of the avatar]_001

  Sel and Nom

sel and nom_001


 The History of Invisiprims

invasion of the sapce dinosaurs_005



Patch Linden

once upon a time_004

 The Tightrope of Our Affection


 Invasion of The Space Dinosaurs

dinosaur invasion ride


invasion of the sapce dinosaurs_002


Prof Thunder’s Mad Science


prof thunder's mad science_001













Mt G’al

mt g'al_001














The Second Life 9th birthday party is well under way and has another week or so to go. Our own area can be found at but be sure to spend some time having a good look round all the exhibits.

Many of the parcels are listed in the destination guide at

Cara Cali has created a picassa directory with pictures of many if not all the exhibits.

NCI at the Metaverse Live Music Expo

The Second Annual Metaverse Live Music Expo starts this week. More than 80 musicians will be playing live music over three days. If you haven’t experienced live music in Second Life before, this should be a great place to start.

Each performer has a kiosk set up in the circle surrounding the main stage so you can learn a bit about who will be performing and pick a time to visit then or just turn up any time between 9.30am and 10pm SLT Friday-Sunday and enjoy the show.
NCI have a kiosk area set up for the event which can be found here:-


This week saw the opening of the annual event to celebrate the anniversary of SL opening. After some initial exploring here are some links to areas I enjoyed. More will be added as they’re found – Virtual Popcorn by Pyewacket Bellman

SL8B megahunt –

rainbow bubble ride, Peter Pan and man in the moon

Phoenix Wave –

Cake Walk –

Houdini –


Bay city –

Pod tours –

From a single prim.. Cool growing statue –

Bubble tree – Portals to unlimited Imagination

Cult of the flying pig temple – Lollygagger Lane

Beyond Time (Gramma and Kaine) – http://maps.seco

fun storybook and scary ogre video –


egg timer sculpture – Junk Sands of Creation –

looking for a lost illusion –

Big Ben-

Sword in the stone –

Transgender lounge-

Seven levels of interactive fun. keep going up !! – Emphatic Eccentricia –

Wiches and Wizardry –

Giant snail racing –

Giant brain –

The Owl and the Pussycat – * very nice build –

soaring with magic – – 1920s Berlin – Through The Looking Glass Stained Glass done right – Magimorphosis (By the creators of Grendel’s) – Sky Sculptures Gallery- fun poses – Sandcastle Studios -  Reach for the stars – Phoenix Firestorm – Illusionation – Cats – Invisible