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Games Time at NCI South

Wellington, Talun & Jay
Wellington, Talun & Jay playing Can’t Stop!


You might have noticed a new addition to the NCI Schedule Boards, Game Afternoon & Game Night! The Game events started up just last month, and are scheduled for 12PM slt and 6PM slt every Monday at NCI South.

NCI has launched a new event this week called Games Night or Games time. This will be a social event where members are invited to gather at NCI South and try out some of the games available there. We have Frootcake, Can’t Stop, Skeeball, Zilch, U-Know and others. ~ Wellington Beam

Even if you aren’t interested in playing the games, you are more than welcome to hang out and chat, so don’t be shy to head over and say hello! The games are always left set up, so even if you miss a scheduled game event, you can drop by and start up your own with your friends!