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New Furniture at Kuula!

Every now and then there are some small changes done to some of our campuses, and the most recent one is that we are getting some new furniture and decorations set up at Kuula!


Who says only kids can have fun? Saz, Trent, and Precious at the kiddies table.


The new furniture & decorations have been set up by our lovely Mousie (mouseplay resident) and so far people are really enjoying the updated new look and think they are a great improvement to the overall look and feel of Kuula.


Cutie pie, Jeffy, all snuggled up in a cozy new chair! What is he thinking about?


We hope that everyone enjoys the new changes, and be sure to thank Mousie for all her hard work putting everything together and setting it up. It really does make things feel a lot more personal and cozy than the old set up, and to be honest I really want to curl up on one of those sofa’s with a little blanket and have a cat nap (unless Jeff beats me to it, at least!).


Eppie, Jeffy, Precious, Trent & Saz having a little chat while testing out poses on the new sofas!


Remember to keep checking by to see any new changes that might be happening at our campuses, you never know what things we might secretly add while you aren’t looking!


NCI’s Campuses:


Sat Nite Salsa Shenanigans

Every Saturday at 5pm SLT (Second Life Time, or PST) for one hour we let our hair down and shake our butts for the NCI! We put the fun in FUNdraiser let me tell you! We Dance & Donate, Mix & Mingle and have a great time.

Location: NCI Beach Sky Classroom (SLURL HERE) It’s M-rated FYI. Salsa in the Sky…

Every week there’s a new Always Optional Theme: Join the New Citizens Inc group to get your reminder notices, theme for the week and handy landmark and/or SLURL link.

Lemme show you how we got down this past Summer:


I flooded the Dance Flo’ for Splish Splash Salsa – what???


Great to see the merfolk coming out to have a splashin good time!

I really love water so the next theme just HAD to be Ice, Ice, Baby (Too Cold, Too Cold) – butofcourse LMAO


The Canadian Folks were in their element as we slipped and fell and hit our CHA CHA CHA moves as best we could.


And YES we did have Vanilla Ice representin. We kept him frozen in an ice block because well you know…


Dance Flo’ Bish likes to dress up for the weekly theme too! Her earmuffs, matching snow boots and sparkles were too much. Oh hey Bevvy – where you goin? ROFL

Come on out and party with us every Saturday! Broke? That’s ok! Bring yaself and a couple two three of ya pals on over anyway. Donate your Time, Energy and Awesomeness 🙂

The Gift Box is always in Full Effect with wacky prizes and operates on Mojo, so get it together! Experience Traffic Jam Salsa – practice makes perfect – the Panny Check and learn the art of the Glom.

See YOU on Saturday! IM Brace Coral for more info on this event and how you can help out the NCI. 100% of the funds raised go towards helping to pay our Instructors and Hosts.

CLICK HERE for the New Citizens Inc Classes/Events Schedule.

Getting Dizzy at Kuula

A lot of awesome builders & scripters visit Kuula, and some of the stuff they come up with is just amazing…such as Mcarp Mavendorf’s Icosahedron Roller! Just don’t ask me what it does because I honestly am not really sure besides spinning around in a very confusing manner…

We ended up getting 15 people to sit on this crazy thing, but the lag was a bit crazy so it didn’t last very long.


NCI’s 9th Birthday Party! Part II

This is the second part of our big NCI Birthday bash! NCI is now NINE years old, and to celebrate we’ve had some awesome events going on all day! You can check out our post on the first part of the party celebrations here.

Also be sure to join us at NCI South for the last part out of NCI’s birthday bash, the blitz building contest starting at 7pm SLT!

Schedule of Events (US Time 4pm-8:30pm SLT)

Dance hosted by Beverly Montgomery & Krystal Devonshire
Live DJs: PJ Devonshire & Christine Grigorovich

Costume Contest hosted by Leah Shim
Contest Theme: “Medieval”

Robin Hood (Technus) dropped by to share his wealth and teach us how to shoot.
Robin Hood (Technus) dropped by to share his wealth and teach us how to shoot.


Costume Contest Winners:

1st: Elayne
2nd: Technus
3rd: Jerry

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Games Time at NCI South

Wellington, Talun & Jay
Wellington, Talun & Jay playing Can’t Stop!


You might have noticed a new addition to the NCI Schedule Boards, Game Afternoon & Game Night! The Game events started up just last month, and are scheduled for 12PM slt and 6PM slt every Monday at NCI South.

NCI has launched a new event this week called Games Night or Games time. This will be a social event where members are invited to gather at NCI South and try out some of the games available there. We have Frootcake, Can’t Stop, Skeeball, Zilch, U-Know and others. ~ Wellington Beam

Even if you aren’t interested in playing the games, you are more than welcome to hang out and chat, so don’t be shy to head over and say hello! The games are always left set up, so even if you miss a scheduled game event, you can drop by and start up your own with your friends!