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New Furniture at Kuula!

Every now and then there are some small changes done to some of our campuses, and the most recent one is that we are getting some new furniture and decorations set up at Kuula!


Who says only kids can have fun? Saz, Trent, and Precious at the kiddies table.


The new furniture & decorations have been set up by our lovely Mousie (mouseplay resident) and so far people are really enjoying the updated new look and think they are a great improvement to the overall look and feel of Kuula.


Cutie pie, Jeffy, all snuggled up in a cozy new chair! What is he thinking about?


We hope that everyone enjoys the new changes, and be sure to thank Mousie for all her hard work putting everything together and setting it up. It really does make things feel a lot more personal and cozy than the old set up, and to be honest I really want to curl up on one of those sofa’s with a little blanket and have a cat nap (unless Jeff beats me to it, at least!).


Eppie, Jeffy, Precious, Trent & Saz having a little chat while testing out poses on the new sofas!


Remember to keep checking by to see any new changes that might be happening at our campuses, you never know what things we might secretly add while you aren’t looking!


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“Your Portal to Second Life”

Hello again!

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Lethe Naumova, and I am the NCI Web Services Officer. I manage the development of NCI web stuff, and administer it once it’s running. Right now, this includes the new forums (http://nci-sl.org/forum/), this blog, and other behind-the-scenes stuff. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about that kind of thing, be sure to wander over to the forums and post them there!

However, this post isn’t about the forums, it’s about the new blog. NCI calls itself “Your Portal to Second Life”, and I like to think of this blog as “Your Portal to NCI” (which makes it “Your Portal to Your Portal to Second Life” and I’ve just given myself a headache thinking about it). Read on to learn more! Continue reading “Your Portal to Second Life”