“Your Portal to Second Life”

Hello again!

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Lethe Naumova, and I am the NCI Web Services Officer. I manage the development of NCI web stuff, and administer it once it’s running. Right now, this includes the new forums (http://nci-sl.org/forum/), this blog, and other behind-the-scenes stuff. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about that kind of thing, be sure to wander over to the forums and post them there!

However, this post isn’t about the forums, it’s about the new blog. NCI calls itself “Your Portal to Second Life”, and I like to think of this blog as “Your Portal to NCI” (which makes it “Your Portal to Your Portal to Second Life” and I’ve just given myself a headache thinking about it). Read on to learn more!

The three columns to the right are for our Classes and Events, Second Life, and our community, in that order. You’ll find class schedules and news, Second Life news and grid news, and lots of links to both NCI stuff and SL stuff. I know it’s a bit busy, but I’d really like this blog to become your one-stop shop for both NCI and SL. If you think of something it needs to do that better, leave a comment here or on the forums!

Finally, as this replaced a temporary page with links, I should mention where those links went. To our students and instructors, you’ll find links to your forms to the far right, with NCI links.

As I’ve mentioned on the forums, I have lots of crazy plans for tools and services to improve your Second Lives. This new layout is only one step in that, and I look forward to hearing what you think about it, and the way forward for NCI Web Services! Watch this space…