Open Casting for NCI Bloggers!

While I’m the administrator for the blog and forums, neither are really mine. I created them as tools for the use of the entire NCI community, and with things settled down I feel like it’s well past time to hand over the blog to the community! This post is an invitation to all NCI members and friends to apply to become a blogger for NCI, to write in this space so people don’t have to read my words all the time. More info and what we’re looking for after the break!

There are a few basic things we’re looking for:

A concept: we’re looking for people with a passion for one specific part of NCI or SL, and who can write about that passion. Maybe there’s an event you really like that you could write about from time to time. Maybe you want to write about what it’s like teaching a class for NCI, or blogging as you take every single class NCI has to offer (craziness!).

Some experience with blogging: You don’t have to be a techno-wizard, but some experience with what blogging means, how to do it, and how to use blogging tools (WordPress in particular)

Time and Passion: You don’t have to write every day, or even every week. There’s no word-count or set number of hours you have to put it. But be sure that you have the time to write something you’d be proud of, and have enough material to keep things flowing.

How to apply:

Okay, here’s the important part, right? I am going to make a thread on the forums for applications. Just add a post to that thread explaining your concept and a very rough estimate of how often you plan to blog about it. That’s it! And it’ll be an open thread so anyone who doesn’t want to apply can still comment if you really like an idea, or think of another topic that would go well with an idea, or whatever.

Apply now!