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We Were Ready For Some Footballllllllll!

On Wednesday the 23rd, the Terrace at Boomer Island was transformed into a “mini football stadium” setting for a joint NCI/Boomer Islands footbal kickoff event! DJ Darrin2101 Aeon spun the tunes as partiers danced, participated in a “Football Treasure” hunt, and viewed the amazing Sculpty model of the Rimington Sports Award created for SL. The event also featured JessieDane Ember, one of SL’s brightest and talented live performers. For more information about Boomer and CF university, see our post on Boomer and NCI here! Watch a video of the event after the break!  Continue reading We Were Ready For Some Footballllllllll!

NCI and CF University, a match made in Second Life

For almost one year now, NCI has been working in concert with CF University in Second Life, holding classes and events at their sim location Boomer island. Fourteen classes each week and one regular event, Boomer  Hours, each Wednesday evening from 4pm to 5:30pm SLT. Find out more about CF University and their partnership with NCI after the break!

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NCI Event – Oldbie Blitz Build, Sept 19/09

This weeks theme was ‘One Perfect Day

The participants this week were (in alphbetical order);

  • Alena Vhargon
  • Alexander9 Carver
  • Cristine Grigorovich
  • Garn Conover
  • Gideon McCullough
  • Holocluck Henly
  • Jason Arun
  • Kaine Lowenstark
  • Katydid Kidd
  • Peace Mistwallow
  • Seafore Perl
  • Terryj Winkler
  • Toady Nakamura
  • Vertrell Luik
  • vwanweb Falconer
  • Zoom Quan

The results after the break!

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Open Casting for NCI Bloggers!

While I’m the administrator for the blog and forums, neither are really mine. I created them as tools for the use of the entire NCI community, and with things settled down I feel like it’s well past time to hand over the blog to the community! This post is an invitation to all NCI members and friends to apply to become a blogger for NCI, to write in this space so people don’t have to read my words all the time. More info and what we’re looking for after the break! Continue reading Open Casting for NCI Bloggers!

“Your Portal to Second Life”

Hello again!

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Lethe Naumova, and I am the NCI Web Services Officer. I manage the development of NCI web stuff, and administer it once it’s running. Right now, this includes the new forums (, this blog, and other behind-the-scenes stuff. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about that kind of thing, be sure to wander over to the forums and post them there!

However, this post isn’t about the forums, it’s about the new blog. NCI calls itself “Your Portal to Second Life”, and I like to think of this blog as “Your Portal to NCI” (which makes it “Your Portal to Your Portal to Second Life” and I’ve just given myself a headache thinking about it). Read on to learn more! Continue reading “Your Portal to Second Life”