Friday Night Beach Party – Best of the 60’s

NCI’s weekly beach party was a hit, over 20 avatars dancing to the music of the 60’s this week.

60's beach theme_013_008

A big thanks to PJ for being our fabulous DJ.

60's beach theme_003

60's beach theme_002

And thanks to Krystal for Hosting the ever popular Toob race.

60's beach theme_013

60's beach theme_014

60's beach theme_015

60's beach theme_017

Our winners 1st Laeluna, 2nd Brainfart & 3rd Elaynus.

60's beach theme_019

Bev our wonderful Host.

60's beach theme_018

Not sure what Ginger and Andre got into but there must be something shiney to look at up there…

60's beach theme_025

* Damn Hippies….

60's beach theme_004

Psychodelic rainbow serpents ( our Hatchie friends )

60's beach theme_007

Bev & Wyn showing us how it’s done.

60's beach theme_011

60's beach theme_012

Is that Ringo? (Technus )

60's beach theme_013_001

Dennis the Menace behaving himself  ( Mouse )

60's beach theme_013_005

60's beach theme_013_007

A great time had by all, make sure you check for next week’s theme and come join in the fun.


–Ginger Lorakeet