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Getting Dizzy at Kuula

A lot of awesome builders & scripters visit Kuula, and some of the stuff they come up with is just amazing…such as Mcarp Mavendorf’s Icosahedron Roller! Just don’t ask me what it does because I honestly am not really sure besides spinning around in a very confusing manner…

We ended up getting 15 people to sit on this crazy thing, but the lag was a bit crazy so it didn’t last very long.


Secret Mouse Hunting

I am sure everyone who is familiar with NCI knows Mouse ( mouseplay ) She is involved with many things within NCI, especially teaching. Though not many of you may know this, Mouse has trouble with typing.

AK ( Alaska Udimo ) came up with a sneaky plan….


He organized for all of us to ‘chip in’ and buy Mouse ‘Dragon, Naturally Speaking’ and have it ready at her home to present to her at the end of the NCI Easter Hunt. Of course she had no idea what was happening until she was given the final egg to open at the hunt.

” I am pleased that WE, as NCI, made a good thing happen for Mousie and it was nice that so many people chipped in to help her. I am happy that it made her day and will assist her in being with us much more.”      AK

Mouse was so thrilled our gift moved her to tears, and I’m sure there were a few of us having a teary too.

“Ginger tell them that after crying for 30 minutes I got it installed and I’m IMing everybody I know just to practice with it”                                         Mouse




NCI’s 9th Birthday Party! Part I

New Citizens Inc is 9 years old and we’re celebrating by having not just one, but TWO parties (one for those on Euro time, and another later in the day for the rest) today at NCI Beach! The first party started at 11am SLT and went until 2pm SLT, and the second party will start at 4pm and run until 7pm.

Schedule of Events (Euro Time 11am-2pm SLT)

Dance hosted by: Wellington Beam
Live DJ: Imnotgoing Sideways & Christine Grigorovich

Costume Contest hosted by: Leah Shim
Costume Theme: “Medieval”

Toob Race hosted by: Wellington Beam

Ye Old Party
Ye Old Party

Costume Contest Winners:

1st: Precious Mirror
2nd: (tie) Pawlina & Mousie
3rd: Wellington Beam

Toob Winners:

1st: Technus
2nd: Elayne
3rd: Alaska
4th: Laeluna
5th: Talun
6th: Sleepy Waffle
7th: Tzakol
8th: PJ
9th: Guana

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Destination unknown…

We get a lot of new people ask us ‘ I’m new, where do I go?’. The answer is, anywhere you like. Second Life is about having fun and enjoying what you do.  One thing you can do is take yourself on a tour by using the Destination Guide.

destination_sauceHere are some interesting places I found by using the Destination Guide. It’s amazing what you can find when you search.  🙂

destination - insanity Insanity – A new mesh work by the artist Cherry Manga.

destination Bryn Oh's the singularityThe Singularity of Kumiko is the newest installation by award-winning artist Bryn Oh. ( Make sure you change your settings as asked when you arrive to fully experience this amazing adventure )

 destination - easter townThe 4th annual Easter Town.

destination enchanted aliceFall down the rabbit hole at Enchanted Alice.

destination sauceFancy a bit of seaside sauce? Visit this fun and interactive LEA exhibit.

destinations land of the lycansWander through the forests of The Land of the Lycans.

Gangs Take Over Kuula Help Deak

By Peace Smythe

In the last week or so I’ve noticed that the help desk in Kuula has been empty by the time morning rolls around in SLT. I really was planning on writing a cutting note about the lack of pencils and the fact that my stash of cookies is missing but I happened to be up early this morning and found a disreputable gang had taken over the help desk. I barely survived the sudden fit of giggles that overtook me.

NCI Help Gang 1x1