NCI’s 9th Birthday Party! Part I

New Citizens Inc is 9 years old and we’re celebrating by having not just one, but TWO parties (one for those on Euro time, and another later in the day for the rest) today at NCI Beach! The first party started at 11am SLT and went until 2pm SLT, and the second party will start at 4pm and run until 7pm.

Schedule of Events (Euro Time 11am-2pm SLT)

Dance hosted by: Wellington Beam
Live DJ: Imnotgoing Sideways & Christine Grigorovich

Costume Contest hosted by: Leah Shim
Costume Theme: “Medieval”

Toob Race hosted by: Wellington Beam

Ye Old Party
Ye Old Party

Costume Contest Winners:

1st: Precious Mirror
2nd: (tie) Pawlina & Mousie
3rd: Wellington Beam

Toob Winners:

1st: Technus
2nd: Elayne
3rd: Alaska
4th: Laeluna
5th: Talun
6th: Sleepy Waffle
7th: Tzakol
8th: PJ
9th: Guana

And now time for a ton of pictures! Enjoy!

Humble serving wench
Humble serving wench
Knight Pawlina
Knight Pawlina
Viking Ride! Hold onto your...shields?
Viking Ride! Hold onto your…shields?
Wellington & Alaska Ni!
Wellington & *KING* Alaska
I'm drunk a not, swear I occifer!
I’m drunk a not, swear I occifer!
DJ Immy
DJ Immy
Around & around & around...
Around & around & around…
Technus, with a glorious beard!
Technus, with a glorious beard!
Our beautiful event host, Leah Shim!
Our beautiful event host, Leah Shim!


Thanks so much to everyone who helped organize the event, our amazing hosts, DJ’s and other staff who helped out. We hope to see you all again at 4PM slt for the next part of the dance and another contest!