NCI All-Ages Blitz Build

All Ages Blitz Build is an event where residents can compete in a 40 minute, 40 prim maximum build contest based on a theme given at the start. The theme for this event was “Ouch! That hurt!”

Imagination and creativity are just as important as technical building skills. At the end of the event contestants and spectators vote for their favorite builds, and L$ prizes are awarded to each contestant based on the number of votes they received.

Congratulations to all of the builders, and big thanks as always to everyone who came out to join us, we look forward to seeing you next Saturday at 7PM slt @ Fishermans Cove!

bb5-31-2014 Technus Grayman
1st Place Winner: Technus Grayman

bb5-31-2014 Zoom Quan
2nd Place Winner: Zoom Quan

bb5-31-2014 Eyre Mint
3rd Place Winner: Eyre Mint

bb5-31-2014 Leah Shim
4th Place Winner: Leah Shim

bb5-31-2014 Alexander Madeye
5th Place Winner: Alexander Madeye (tie)

bb5-31-2014 My Teardrop
5th Place Winner: My Teardrop (tie)

bb5-31-2014 BrainFart
6th Place Winner: BrainFart (tie)

bb5-31-2014 Laeluna Galuptra
6th Place Winner: Laeluna Galuptra (tie)

bb5-31-2014 EmeraldRayn
7th Place Winner: Emerald Rayn

bb5-31-2014 tehckisnow
8th Place Winner: tehckisnow

bb5-31-2014 Brace Coral
9th Place Winner: Brace Coral