Newbie Show & Tell

If you weren’t there today you missed out on a fun event.Show & Tell_006

We had 2 people come and show us what they have done in SL infront of our super audience of over 20 people.

Our Newbie contestants were loved by all, so much that the voting proved to be a tie, they each won $700L.

Ulfe Resident                     Ms Nor

So if you are 90 days old or younger and would like to compete make sure you check the schedule board for next Tuesday at 1pm.

Friday Night Beach Party – Under The Sea!

Ridge and party

They swam and danced through the evening!

This week’s winners – “Best In Under The Sea”:

1st Place: Mousie

2nd Place: Ginger

3rd place: Laeluna, Technus, Ridge, Andre, and Lexi

4th place: Ayla, Sonya

Congratulations everyone!! See you next week!

The Beach Party happens every Friday, at 7:00pm SLT (Pacific), at NCI in region Fishermans Cove.  Come and join in the fun!

All-Ages Blitz Build – Theme: “If I Were A Billionaire…..”

Welcome to the Blitz!

Your Host: Krystal!!

Hurry! The clock is running!!!


And with 40 prims and 40 minutes, the builders show us their creativity and skill…

And the winners are…

1st Place:  Eyre
2nd Place:  Leah
3rd Place:  Christine
4th Place:  Keres, Tech, and Zoom
5th Place:  Elayne and Ridge
6th Place:  Jorrdan
7th Place:  Laeluna

Yay!  Cash prizes!!!  And congrats to everyone for having fun!

Friday Night Beach Party – Best In Formal!


With Beverly looking like that…you KNOW it’s gonna be a good party!



And it was a great party!



The votes are cast and winners announced…

First place is Christine Grigorovich!!

Two tied for second place: Mousie and Leah!!

Twelve others shared the prizes and glory of third place! Whoohoo!!


Goodnight? It already has been good!

Scheduling Coordinator – Congrats PJ

I would like to announce a new position, Scheduling Coordinator. The Scheduling Coordinator will work with the Education and Event Coordinators to do the updates for the schedule board. I would like to introduce our new Scheduling Coordinator, it is none other then PJ Devonshire (Pajobra Zessinthal). Welcome to the new position PJ, and thank you for taking over the scheduling responsibilities.

A thank you goes out to Mouse, Krystal, Welli, and Brace for encouraging this new role.

NCI All-Ages Blitz Build

All Ages Blitz Build is an event where residents can compete in a 40 minute, 40 prim maximum build contest based on a theme given at the start. The theme for this event was “Ouch! That hurt!”

Imagination and creativity are just as important as technical building skills. At the end of the event contestants and spectators vote for their favorite builds, and L$ prizes are awarded to each contestant based on the number of votes they received.

Congratulations to all of the builders, and big thanks as always to everyone who came out to join us, we look forward to seeing you next Saturday at 7PM slt @ Fishermans Cove!

bb5-31-2014 Technus Grayman
1st Place Winner: Technus Grayman

bb5-31-2014 Zoom Quan
2nd Place Winner: Zoom Quan

bb5-31-2014 Eyre Mint
3rd Place Winner: Eyre Mint

bb5-31-2014 Leah Shim
4th Place Winner: Leah Shim

bb5-31-2014 Alexander Madeye
5th Place Winner: Alexander Madeye (tie)

bb5-31-2014 My Teardrop
5th Place Winner: My Teardrop (tie)

bb5-31-2014 BrainFart
6th Place Winner: BrainFart (tie)

bb5-31-2014 Laeluna Galuptra
6th Place Winner: Laeluna Galuptra (tie)

bb5-31-2014 EmeraldRayn
7th Place Winner: Emerald Rayn

bb5-31-2014 tehckisnow
8th Place Winner: tehckisnow

bb5-31-2014 Brace Coral
9th Place Winner: Brace Coral

Friday Night Beach Party – Best In Uniforms!

Beach Party! Whoohoo!!
Beach Party! Whoohoo!!

As usual, dozens attended the beach party! Most came in awesome costumes! Here are some in no particular order…

Finally when the votes were tallied..

  • Tying for first place were Mousie and Christine!!
  • Tying for second place were Victor, Technus, and Talia!
  • Nine others tied for third place!

Congratulations, everyone!  Fun and prizes!

And a good time was had by all!
And a good time was had by all!

See you next week!

Finding Decent Freebies

You don’t need to get a job in world, or buy Linden using your Paypal or credit card to look good in Second Life. Here are a few tips & tricks to finding decent freebies in Second Life & on the Marketplace.

  • Blogs: If you do a quick google search you can find tons of blogs that talk about Second Life. A lot of them are fashion blogs, or freebie blogs, where they post pictures and tell you where they found them.
  • Hunts: A hunt is when a group of stores get together, decide on a theme (ex: Halloween, Spring, etc) and make gifts to give out to people who ‘hunt’ (basically you just wander around the store looking for a certain item which contains the gift) for them in each store that’s participating. Many hunts are free, and you can find out about current hunts here.
  • Fairs: There is usually some sort of fair going on somewhere in Second Life and some of them give out gifts to those who attend. There are fairs all about Hair, fairs about Skins, and there are fairs that support real life charities & causes. An example of one going on right now is the Fantasy Faire, which is supporting Relay for Life.
  • Group Gifts: Many store groups give out gifts to those who are in their group.  Some of the groups do have a fee to join, but there are many groups that are free.

Also if you are still under 30 days, FabFree has a great list of stores that give things away to new users so I suggest checking it out.

Marketplace Tips

The Marketplace can be a great place to find freebies, but it can be a bit confusing when you’re new. Using keywords like free, freebie, gift are what will help the most here. If you have a few linden, you also search ‘dollarbies’ which are items that usually cost 1L.

  • Don’t be too specific if you’re using keywords. Typing ‘cute tan heels with pink flowers’ is very, very unlikely to yield any results. Try to focus one just one or two keywords.
  • You can filter out some demo’s by typing ‘NOT demo’ after your keywords. Ex: tan heels NOT demo
  • Once you’ve searched, you can see some search filters on the left side. Searching by price is very handy, you can even set your own (0L to 1L is ideal since you can’t just search for 0L items).
  • Under the Search bar there is a Sort option that allows you to sort the search results, selecting ‘Price: Low to High’ will show the lower priced items first.

Getting Dizzy at Kuula

A lot of awesome builders & scripters visit Kuula, and some of the stuff they come up with is just amazing…such as Mcarp Mavendorf’s Icosahedron Roller! Just don’t ask me what it does because I honestly am not really sure besides spinning around in a very confusing manner…

We ended up getting 15 people to sit on this crazy thing, but the lag was a bit crazy so it didn’t last very long.


Secret Mouse Hunting

I am sure everyone who is familiar with NCI knows Mouse ( mouseplay ) She is involved with many things within NCI, especially teaching. Though not many of you may know this, Mouse has trouble with typing.

AK ( Alaska Udimo ) came up with a sneaky plan….


He organized for all of us to ‘chip in’ and buy Mouse ‘Dragon, Naturally Speaking’ and have it ready at her home to present to her at the end of the NCI Easter Hunt. Of course she had no idea what was happening until she was given the final egg to open at the hunt.

” I am pleased that WE, as NCI, made a good thing happen for Mousie and it was nice that so many people chipped in to help her. I am happy that it made her day and will assist her in being with us much more.”      AK

Mouse was so thrilled our gift moved her to tears, and I’m sure there were a few of us having a teary too.

“Ginger tell them that after crying for 30 minutes I got it installed and I’m IMing everybody I know just to practice with it”                                         Mouse




NCI’s 9th Birthday Party! Part III

The final part of our huge NCI Birthday bash, the Blitz Building Contest!

NCI holds a Blitz Building contest every Saturday evening from 7-8:30pm SL, and this week it’s being held at NCI South due to the Birthday build still being up at NCI Beach where it’s normally held. This week the theme is “On the Farm!”, hosted by TheOtherKitty,  and even 20 minutes in a lot of people have some pretty awesome looking builds going on!


1st Place Winner: Leah Shim
1st Place Winner: Leah Shim

First place winner Leah Shim had this to say after winning in this weeks Blitz Build:

I never expect to win with the silliest things that come to my brain. I’m twisted. 😛

Congrats to everyone who built tonight, a lot of fun and silly builds as usual, and we hope to see you all again next week at the same time for our next contest!

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NCI’s 9th Birthday Party! Part II

This is the second part of our big NCI Birthday bash! NCI is now NINE years old, and to celebrate we’ve had some awesome events going on all day! You can check out our post on the first part of the party celebrations here.

Also be sure to join us at NCI South for the last part out of NCI’s birthday bash, the blitz building contest starting at 7pm SLT!

Schedule of Events (US Time 4pm-8:30pm SLT)

Dance hosted by Beverly Montgomery & Krystal Devonshire
Live DJs: PJ Devonshire & Christine Grigorovich

Costume Contest hosted by Leah Shim
Contest Theme: “Medieval”

Robin Hood (Technus) dropped by to share his wealth and teach us how to shoot.
Robin Hood (Technus) dropped by to share his wealth and teach us how to shoot.


Costume Contest Winners:

1st: Elayne
2nd: Technus
3rd: Jerry

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