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Morning all;
Well about me, I am a child of the '50s born in the early part of that decade now just coming up the steps to knock on the front door of 60. I have seen quite a bit of wonderful things in my life and a few not so wonderful.

How did I come to be in "SL" ? I was watching a video about how GOOGLE has put up a $3 million prize into the xprize pot for the frist privte group to land a rover on the moon. Now I remember the day the the Russian's put "SPUKNIT" into space. I follow whats happening in space often.

Then I found a page from the "NASA" talking about their sim here in "SL", and what they have planned just blew me away, had to see it.
Once here I became totaly ingrossed in the happens here.

I have been a merchant seaman most of my life, when not working driving trucks,or constuction. Even managed a bar-restaurant-motel down in the Louisianna bayous for a freind of mine for a while.

In 2003 due to the type of work I was in and the lifestyle it develops I became deathly ill, on top of the other bumps and bangs that has happened over the years. I am now unable to do the heavy physical work I have always done. So I bought a computer with the hopes that some day I would be able to use it to make at least a little bit of money an get off this Disablity.

I have 3 college semesters behind me covering the different aspects of computer's from the hardware and applications to graphic design.
My last semester was about learning web publishing.

Now on to what I have planned for this blog;
I do so enjoy wandering around "SL" and seeing what there is to see, the ole bear went over the mountain story. I just pick a place and go.

I will be writting about my nocturnal wanderings, I wander at night because I am so busy trying to learn thr building part in the day.

Well thats about it for now I hope you come by from time to time to share a cup of coffee with me.

Take care, have fun, and be safe:
Jims Firehawk