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Remembering Kreechur



Last week we lost one of long term staff members, Kreechur.
Kree was involved with NCI for many years performing multiple roles. Whether it was a creating and maintaining the systems we use around our areas, helping in group chat and Kuula or assisting staff with various projects they were working on, Kree was often there to lend a hand to both new residents and staff. He’ll be greatly missed by many here as a friend and supporter of NCI.
Friends and colleagues gathered at the weekend to share memories and celebrate his life. A permanent memorial will be placed in the park in Kuula but if you wish to visit the area set up in NCIsland we’ll keep it out for a few weeks.


Friends gather to remember Kree
Friends gather to remember Kree

NCI New Years Party 2016!

Dancing and fun all evening!

Then came the prizes…and more fun!

Costume Contest Winners Are Announced…

  • New Years Formal: We have a top winner with 3 votes.
  • Ayla Wemyss has 1 votes and wins L$78.
  • Athena0Marie Resident has 1 votes and wins L$78.
  • pupwarm Resident has 2 votes and wins L$157.
  • AnukManeewong1260 Resident has 1 votes and wins L$78.
  • Laeluna Galuptra has 1 votes and wins L$78.
  • Technus Grayman has 1 votes and wins L$78.
  • Talia Malaspina has 1 votes and wins L$78.
  • BrainFart Resident has 1 votes and wins L$78.
  • Emilylo Mayako has 3 votes and wins L$235.
  • Varian Altney has 1 votes and wins L$78.
  • TaffyJones Resident has 1 votes and wins L$78.

Congratulations everyone!!

As the party pushed on through the night…finally…

**** Happy New Year!!! ****

How to look FABULOUS for free!

Welcome NCI readers! Today’s post is going to cover a subject near and dear to my heart – Freebies! Everyone knows that one of the biggest parts of Secondlife is the infinite ways we can customize our avatars. Just check out the Marketplace sometime and see all the different outfits, avatars, accessories and parts for sale. “But Rowan,” you say, “I’m on a budget!” Well honey, who isn’t?


For the best guide to freebies and cheapies in SL, head to your closest NCI campus and find this notecard in the Freebie Vendors. I’ve scoured the grid for the best quality freebies. Hair, makeup, clothing, avatars, even men’s stuff! Not sure if I’m telling the truth? Check out this outfit I put together in about 20 minutes of hopping around the landmarks in the notecard.



 My skin is from Mother Goose – Anne from one of the MANY lucky boards there
Shape is from External Appearance and was found at the FabFree HQ
Dress is by the generous Snowpaws! So many lucky boards and a whole wall of freebies!
Shoes and jewelry from Duh! Check out the group gifts and their regular prices are a steal!
Eyes are Mayfly and found again at the too cool FabFree HQ
Hair is from Tameless and is located at Free Dove
My pose is half of a freebie from Tuty’s who has a free AO on the Marketplace

See? It’s not hard to be beautiful on a budget.

Sat Nite Salsa Shenanigans

Every Saturday at 5pm SLT (Second Life Time, or PST) for one hour we let our hair down and shake our butts for the NCI! We put the fun in FUNdraiser let me tell you! We Dance & Donate, Mix & Mingle and have a great time.

Location: NCI Beach Sky Classroom (SLURL HERE) It’s M-rated FYI. Salsa in the Sky…

Every week there’s a new Always Optional Theme: Join the New Citizens Inc group to get your reminder notices, theme for the week and handy landmark and/or SLURL link.

Lemme show you how we got down this past Summer:


I flooded the Dance Flo’ for Splish Splash Salsa – what???


Great to see the merfolk coming out to have a splashin good time!

I really love water so the next theme just HAD to be Ice, Ice, Baby (Too Cold, Too Cold) – butofcourse LMAO


The Canadian Folks were in their element as we slipped and fell and hit our CHA CHA CHA moves as best we could.


And YES we did have Vanilla Ice representin. We kept him frozen in an ice block because well you know…


Dance Flo’ Bish likes to dress up for the weekly theme too! Her earmuffs, matching snow boots and sparkles were too much. Oh hey Bevvy – where you goin? ROFL

Come on out and party with us every Saturday! Broke? That’s ok! Bring yaself and a couple two three of ya pals on over anyway. Donate your Time, Energy and Awesomeness 🙂

The Gift Box is always in Full Effect with wacky prizes and operates on Mojo, so get it together! Experience Traffic Jam Salsa – practice makes perfect – the Panny Check and learn the art of the Glom.

See YOU on Saturday! IM Brace Coral for more info on this event and how you can help out the NCI. 100% of the funds raised go towards helping to pay our Instructors and Hosts.

CLICK HERE for the New Citizens Inc Classes/Events Schedule.

Friday Night Beach Party! Best in: Cowboys and Indians!


Cowboys and Indians?!? Yay!

Who doesn’t want to dress up in traditional cattle wrangler or  native American garb? Whoohoo!

The Fourth-Place Winners: Andre, drp1098, Laeluna, Pablowill, Talia, and Technus!

The Third-Place Winners: Victor, LibranFire!

The Second-Place Winner: Chipp!

The First-Place Winners: Ginger and Mousie!


Dancing and Partying Into The Night! Have a great weekend!!

Friday Night Beach Party – Best In Patriotic!


Party Time!  And in celebration of the United States’ Independence Day, the theme is Best In Patriotic!  Whoohoo!!







So much fun and dancing, and they the votes are cast and the winners announced…

The 3rd place winners are:  Ayla, Chad, Jenny, Andre, Talia and Rya!

The 2nd place winners are: Ginger, Technus, Laeluna, and Emilylo!

The 1st place winner is…Victor (guana)!!

Congratulations everyone!!

BUT WAIT! Just when the evening seems to be hitting its high point… we get fireworks!! Whoohoo!!







Happy Independence Day!!

Happy Beach Party!!  Yay!!

Friday Night Beach Party – Under The Sea!

Ridge and party

They swam and danced through the evening!

This week’s winners – “Best In Under The Sea”:

1st Place: Mousie

2nd Place: Ginger

3rd place: Laeluna, Technus, Ridge, Andre, and Lexi

4th place: Ayla, Sonya

Congratulations everyone!! See you next week!

The Beach Party happens every Friday, at 7:00pm SLT (Pacific), at NCI in region Fishermans Cove.  Come and join in the fun!

All-Ages Blitz Build – Theme: “If I Were A Billionaire…..”

Welcome to the Blitz!

Your Host: Krystal!!

Hurry! The clock is running!!!


And with 40 prims and 40 minutes, the builders show us their creativity and skill…

And the winners are…

1st Place:  Eyre
2nd Place:  Leah
3rd Place:  Christine
4th Place:  Keres, Tech, and Zoom
5th Place:  Elayne and Ridge
6th Place:  Jorrdan
7th Place:  Laeluna

Yay!  Cash prizes!!!  And congrats to everyone for having fun!

Friday Night Beach Party – Best In Formal!


With Beverly looking like that…you KNOW it’s gonna be a good party!



And it was a great party!



The votes are cast and winners announced…

First place is Christine Grigorovich!!

Two tied for second place: Mousie and Leah!!

Twelve others shared the prizes and glory of third place! Whoohoo!!


Goodnight? It already has been good!

Friday Night Beach Party – Best In Uniforms!

Beach Party! Whoohoo!!
Beach Party! Whoohoo!!

As usual, dozens attended the beach party! Most came in awesome costumes! Here are some in no particular order…

Finally when the votes were tallied..

  • Tying for first place were Mousie and Christine!!
  • Tying for second place were Victor, Technus, and Talia!
  • Nine others tied for third place!

Congratulations, everyone!  Fun and prizes!

And a good time was had by all!
And a good time was had by all!

See you next week!

New Advertising Experience

The long awaited new advertising experience is live across all three of the NCI campuses! The new boards are static and can be rented for as little as $50L a week. These new ad boards are instantly rentable and don’t need to be set up by an AdNode staff member.


Even the first night they were live, we already had some renters! All the boards are placed at highly visible areas in each campus.


Come check out this new advertising experience at any of the NCI campus

NCI Kuula
NCI South
NCI Beach

–Rowan Carroll

NCI SL10B cool places

NCI will be attending the Second Life 10th Birthday celebrations this year. Our location for the event is here:’ll list cool places as we find them by updating this blog post

nci sl10b


Pictures from the opening

Snapshot_007 Snapshot_006


First week exploring








The Cornfield


SL10B Auditorium


Lin’s Gallery

lin's art gallery_001


Classy Souvenirs of SL

glassy souvinirs_001


Linden gift vendor

free sl10b gifts_001

 Nitwacket “It Started With a Cube”


Pod Tours

speeding through the builds of time_002



evolution of the prim_001




musical cathedral_001



musical cathedral_002


 Avatar Evolution

evolution of the avatar]_001

  Sel and Nom

sel and nom_001


 The History of Invisiprims

invasion of the sapce dinosaurs_005



Patch Linden

once upon a time_004

 The Tightrope of Our Affection


 Invasion of The Space Dinosaurs

dinosaur invasion ride


invasion of the sapce dinosaurs_002


Prof Thunder’s Mad Science


prof thunder's mad science_001













Mt G’al

mt g'al_001














This week saw the opening of the annual event to celebrate the anniversary of SL opening. After some initial exploring here are some links to areas I enjoyed. More will be added as they’re found – Virtual Popcorn by Pyewacket Bellman

SL8B megahunt –

rainbow bubble ride, Peter Pan and man in the moon

Phoenix Wave –

Cake Walk –

Houdini –


Bay city –

Pod tours –

From a single prim.. Cool growing statue –

Bubble tree – Portals to unlimited Imagination

Cult of the flying pig temple – Lollygagger Lane

Beyond Time (Gramma and Kaine) – http://maps.seco

fun storybook and scary ogre video –


egg timer sculpture – Junk Sands of Creation –

looking for a lost illusion –

Big Ben-

Sword in the stone –

Transgender lounge-

Seven levels of interactive fun. keep going up !! – Emphatic Eccentricia –

Wiches and Wizardry –

Giant snail racing –

Giant brain –

The Owl and the Pussycat – * very nice build –

soaring with magic – – 1920s Berlin – Through The Looking Glass Stained Glass done right – Magimorphosis (By the creators of Grendel’s) – Sky Sculptures Gallery- fun poses – Sandcastle Studios –  Reach for the stars – Phoenix Firestorm – Illusionation – Cats – Invisible

NCI and its staff: How we bring new staff on board

As you’re probably all aware, Linden Lab’s volunteer mentor program (which was effectively closed a little over a year ago from memory) is now finally being disbanded. We’ve already had a number of folks from the program ask to sign on with NCI staff, and so this is probably as good a time to talk about that process as any.

NCI is, as you should know, a volunteer organization. Nobody gets paid for the work they do, except for instructors and event hosts who are paid a small fee for classes. NCI has a very large footprint in Second Life, in terms of people, land and facilities. It is not cheap to run, and there’s nothing left over for wages.

NCI does not have ‘positions of power’ (with the exception of the owner/trustee). Instead it has positions of responsibility. NCI staff and officers are expected to fulfill those responsibilities with diligence and principle.

Being a volunteer organization and a widely distributed one, we value key criteria in different priorities to what you might find in more centralized organizations or businesses. Your principles, trustworthiness and reliability are more important than raw ability. The latter can be learned. The other things are harder to come by.

Civility, courtesy and respect are the three things we look for in people dealing with new Second Life users, and in dealing with NCI responsibilities. Those three core qualities should be a part of everything you do, whether you’re dealing with new users, your fellow staff, or griefers (whether accidental or intentional). Everyone makes mistakes or slips up now and again, but those three qualities will help get us all past mistakes and failures, whether we’re NCI staff or new users.

We select staff members through a double-probation system. Anyone who is willing to comply with the rules of our spaces, and who is willing and able to help new users is welcome to do so — just show up and start helping. Ask one of the staff for more information about the rules of the spaces, if you need to.

Not everyone who is both willing to help and able to help is necessarily an ideal fit for NCI’s operation, but those that distinguish themselves in action and principle, are provisionally taken on staff as Helpers. Helpers who continue to distinguish themselves are given increased responsibilities within NCI, if they want it and some appropriate role is available.

At one time, we had an actual application process, but the actual results were quite poor compared to this rather longer process.

Your ethical compass is, of course, expected to point firmly towards new users and, by extension, NCI. Assisting as many new users as possible, and as effectively as possible, is why we’re all here. It’s good for the new users, and what’s good for them improves all our Second Life experiences as a whole.

We help more than an estimated 40,000 new users each year, and that number continues to grow. We remain the most vigorous and heavily trafficked organization of our type because we stick to our principles, we maintain order in our facilities, and we’re selective about our staff.